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GORGEOUS MINT Clad Coins+$1 GOLD Rep*Bill
<HUGE 5 Oz. + 10Pc.1 3 Oz. COINS +MORE>GORGEOUS MINT Clad Coins+$1 GOLD Rep*Bill
Price: $35.39 (0 Bids)
Sale Ends: 34m
1855-O Type 2 Indian Gold Dollar (G$1 Coin) - PCGS AU Details - Rare "O" Mint!
1855-O Type 2 Indian Gold Dollar (G$1 Coin) - PCGS AU Details - Rare "O" Mint!
Price: $1,189.00 (0 Bids)
Sale Ends: 34m
Mariana Islands. 2004 Gold 5 Dollars.. San Pio.. 1.224gms .9999 gold.. Proof
Mariana Islands. 2004 Gold 5 Dollars..  San Pio..  1.224gms  .9999 gold.. Proof
Price: $111.64 (0 Bids)
Sale Ends: 48m

Welcome to aims to help coin collectors improve their collection of coins, through giving them a global marketplace, where they are able to purchase different types of rare gold coins quickly and easily.

We believe in breaking down the barriers and removing previous limitations in finding and collecting coins.

Whether you are looking for a specific type of a gold coin or one of specific value and design, we are here to help you find them.

Why should you collect coins?

Coin collecting has been a popular hobby for decades mainly due to the fulfilling nature of it. It can be enjoyable to search and find rare coins and it is very similar to the feeling of solving a complex puzzle which is almost limitless.

Along with this, it can also be very rewarding, because in a few years time, your coin collection could have increased its value and be worth much more. This is especially true, if you have a lot of gold coins in your collection, due to the rising price of gold in today's markets. As a result of this aspect, many gold coin collectors are actually investors hoping to gain a good return on their money in the future.

However, there is one main problem with this hobby. The problem is finding rare coins. As the name suggests, it is not surprising, that they are difficult to get a hold of.

There are two ways to find coins. One method, is to find them in the open and the other is to purchase them. One of the best ways to find them is at car boot sales and markets. Often, you will be able to pick them up at a bargain price. If you are looking for a specific coin, buying them online is a good idea, because there are more than thousands rare gold coins sold, daily.

Below are three tips to keep in mind to improve you coin collection, whether you are a beginner, or advanced collector:

3 Tips for improving your coin collection

Tip 1 Diversification Having a collection of coins of varying types and from different eras can increase your chance of getting a good price for your coins and also makes viewing the whole collection more interesting.

Tip 2 Condition It is important to maintain the condition of your rare coins, so that they do not lose their distinguishing marks. Coins in good condition are generally more valuable, so your coins should be kept in envelopes or albums for safe keeping.

Tip 3 Inventory When your coin collection has become vast, it is a good idea to write down all the coins in your collection with their values beside them, so that you have a record of all the coins in your inventory. You may also want to check their intrisic value so that you know how much your collection is worth. People buy gold coins online so a quick and easy way to do this is to look at other similiar gold coins for sale and note down how much they were sold for. This can be done by using auction sites such as eBay.